Connect with your customers in real life.

From smart watches, connected health devices to smart homes and connected cars – today’s consumer is living a seamlessly connected life. Engage with your customers with campaigns that interact with them in their off-screen life. Earn loyalty, build a brand, personalise your customer experience + more. Get to know your customer in a manner that protects and respects their privacy.

Why use the Ziva Platform?

Increase customer loyalty
Raise product awareness
Introduce new customers
Improve brand engagement
Leverage brand positioning

Examples of what you can do using ZIVA

Miles for miles

Engage with customers every step of every day. Reward customers for healthy choices and earn their loyalty while they earn rewards.

Earn your fries

Food is fuel. Food is also a treat. Whether your food is naughty or nice, align your brand with healthy behaviour. Have fun with customers and let them earn their decadent reward.

Train for gain

A healthy member is a happy member. Staying healthy outside the gym for a free personal training sessions or discounted fees keeps members engaged and returning for more.

Your biggest fan

Harness the power of your community to deliver your brand promise. Exercise hard and advocate your brand.

Doctor's orders

Improve compliance by rewarding patients that take medication as prescribed.

Healthy habbits

Create healthy habits. Introduce new products and samples to those brushing regularly.

Lose to win

Biggest loser competitions rewarding customers for maintaining a healthy body fat%. A small improvement can lead to significantly health benefits and across the board save the economy billions.

Healthy skin, healthy you

Align your brand with a healthy glow. Engage with your skin care customers and reward them for helping themselves.

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*ZIVA is in early release

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