An Alliance Between Marketing and Consumer Data Protection
CryptoCoin Intelligence – 9 Jul 2018
Michael Loewy, co-founder of Ziva, gave us some of his time to talk about how he and his team are engaging consumers and organisation in the same platform to promote a more valuable and healthy sharing of data. Read More

We finally found a company that’s doing something useful with all your Internet of Things data – securely
Business Insider – 5 Jun 2018
The happy consequence of using the blockchain is, the more comfortable people are with sharing their data, knowing it’s secure, the easier it is for a company to engage them with products and services that are actually engaging. Read More

Ziva Launches New Blockhain-Based Marketing Platform
CMO – 24 May 2018
According to Ziva co-founder, Issac Elnekave, results to date demonstrate how its platform can deliver more effective marketing outcomes, while providing greater protection and respect for customers’ privacy using its blockchain protocol. Read More

New Marketing Platform Delivers Outstanding Results
Media Release – 18 May 2018
86% of campaign participants more likely to purchase product as a result. Read More

ZIVA uses smart, wearable tech to commercially connect
Social Media Knowledge – 16 Dec 2016
start-up enables businesses to use the Internet-of-Things to create meaningful connections with customers through ‘real-life behavioural data’. Read More

How activity data is helping Chemmart secure customer loyalty
CMO – 11 Nov 2016
Pharmacy retailer strives to reposition its customer loyalty program away from transactional purchases to everyday behaviour to drive health and wellbeing of consumers. Read More

Ziva is a new marketing platform for the Internet of Things
Marketing Magazine – 8 Nov 2016
A new marketing platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) is aiming to transform the way brands connect with the customers. Read More

New platform aims to connect brands with consumers via Internet of Things
CMO – 8 Nov 2016
Australian developed marketing platform’s first client is Chemmart, which is using the technology to fuel behaviourally-based connections with loyalty club members. Read More

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