Asked Questions

What is Ziva?

Ziva is a platform that allows you to connect with challenges created by businesses and organisations that want to reward their customers / members or the wider public for being active. It’s free to join and you can get some awesome rewards for doing what you do best… Being you!

How do I join?

Businesses will offer challenges via their own communications. If you’ve been invited to join a challenge, just follow the prompts to get involved. There’s a simple 3 step process to join for the first time:

  1. Create a Ziva account via your preferred method (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or your email).
  2. Connect your preferred device or compatible app.
  3. Provide a few details to accept the challenge and that’s it!

After joining your first challenge, joining additional challenges with the same provider or a new one is just a one click process.

Is it FREE to join a challenge powered by Ziva?

Yep! There’s no catch. Businesses are keen to engage with you and offer some great rewards to encourage participation. Ziva simply facilitates this using our platform.

What devices can I connect?

We connect with a range of devices from activity trackers (like Fitbit) to connected scales, home appliances and more. Simply connect to one of the devices or apps that are presented when you’re joining a challenge. We connect to over 200 of them and are growing that list quickly.

What if my app or device isn't listed?

If it’s a fitness challenge you’re joining and you don’t have an activity tracker, then never fear! You can download a number of compatible apps that use your phone as an activity tracker. Here’s a couple of popular examples available for your iOS (Apple) or Android device: Fitbit or Nokia.

Can I sync multiple devices / apps with Ziva?

Absolutely! We’ll only count particular activity once for any specific challenge.

Is my data secure?

Yes. We use end to end encryption, anonymised analysis, tokenised communication among many other best practices for maximal data security. Any personal details collected are encrypted giving you the only key to unlock your details with the brands you choose to engage with. We use proprietary blockchain technology to ensure that any brand you engage with must define what information they’re requesting, what it’s being used for and require your explicit permission to grant them access. For more details, please consult our General Terms and Conditions.

My results don’t match my activity, Why?

Here’s how Ziva works…

We collect your activity data from your device or app’s cloud account, not your device directly. This means you must sync to your devices app to get your activity to Ziva.

We check in with your device’s cloud account regularly (about every 5 minutes) to see if there’s any new updates, however, some providers delay sharing new data with external parties (like us), even though you’ve given them permission to do. So please allow up to 24 hours from the time you last synced for your results to be reflected in Ziva. This varies from device to device.

I’ve referred a friend, but I’m not seeing it counted?

For a challenge referral to be counted, your invitee (i.e. the person entering a challenge via your unique sharable link) must complete the challenge joining process (like you did) from start to finish. This requires them to create a Ziva account, connect their preferred device / app and complete the challenge form and reach the confirmation page letting them know they’ve successfully entered. At that point the credit is ALL yours!